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Thank you for stopping in on our website, please fill free to look around. If you have any questions that you are not sure about or have a question that you cant find the answer to on our site, please leave your comment below in the comment box, and I will answer all of your questions.

Toiture M-T-M Roofing 

My wife Mylene and I decided to open M-T-M Roofing so we can expand our painting and home improvement business and give you our superior workmanship.

To give my heart and soul into what I do is what makes me get out of bed in the mornings, to give my clients Superior workmanship is what I am known for.

When you hire M-T-M Roofing, we work for you and not against you. We are locally own and serves the Prescott Russell, Glengarry and Stormont and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to save as many homeowners as possible from the bad contractors, and give you nothing but the highest of Quality and do the job right the first time.

We Are Here To Help You

We are here to help you take care of your investment by giving you highest quality materials and workmanship. If your roof is leaking it could cause problems that could cost you double or even triple the amount then just replacing the shingles.

We pay attention to all the details, and we don’t cut back on the material to try to save a buck the job is done right, right from the beginning. When we have finished the job you will be left with a new roof, and none of the mess we take pride in our work, and that is why our business is 90% referral base.

We understand that replacing your roof shingles come with a high price tag that is why you want to protect your self when hiring a roofing contractor. I wrote out a post explaining what to look for and what to ask when hiring you could find that post by clicking on this link

My Goal Is To Help

My goal is to try and help you understand what is involved when you are looking to hire a roofing contractor.

I give you not only all that I can offer you as a contractor, but I give you the education into what to look for in a contractor to help you decide on hiring. You will know what to look for and what questions to ask a contractor before you decide to hire them.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mark Tomassino

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